Boyukshor Lake (North Shore)

Boyukshor Lake rehabilitation project for North Shore

The project area covers the land on the North shore and remained aqueous part behind the North interception.

The objective of the project is treatment and rehabilitation of the oil contaminated site with an area of 130 ha in the North Shore and North Interception Lake of Boyukshor. Lake condition should be brought to such state that it does not prevent the future successful development and prosperity of Baku.

The objective of the project is to improve the environment, to develop ecological and aesthetic condition of the North Shore of Boyukshor Lake in such a way that the lake has added value for the area in the future. The main aim of the North Interception Lake is to intercept the inflowing of contamination from the North Shore and prevent recontamination of the cleaned East lake (Boyukshor lake remediation project, Phase I).

According to this goal, North Shore will be cleaned and North Dam, which was built during the first phase of Boyukshor Lake Rehabilitation Project, will turn into the lake shore. In general, the project area should be increased to such a state that this land will be used for the construction of modern urban areas in the future. For this purpose, the contaminated layer (as the risk level) should be removed and treated. There must be a relevant connection between on shore and offshore parts, including the nature, the vital and functional using. In addition, it is necessary to give an attractive appearance to the North Lake and the North shore, according to the design. To ensure the water quality in the lake and maintain for a long time, it is necessary to carry out additional measures.

To achieve these objectives, especially in the field of engineering and design, it requires a feasibility study. To achieve these goals, it was decided to carry out engineering and feasibility studies in the area.

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