IQLİM is a diversified and dynamic research, consulting and engineering company specializing in environmental change and problem solving.
Interdisciplinary Experts and Engineers are always exploring the balance between customer’s interests and the environment with the company’s ongoing and high-quality advice.
Services include project design (supportive policy advice, strategic notes), technical feasibility study (technical and economic researches, field studies, Strategic Environmental Assessment, risk assessment, purchasing support, etc.), project phase (comprehensive engineering, technical specifications, Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit, etc.) and certain aspects such as monitoring and monitoring during the execution of the works.
Special importance to the project is the fact that IGLIM has worked with experts specializing in geological and geotechnical research in a number of major international projects.
Clients of the company are the public and private sectors, consisting of international organizations, such as the World Bank, regional and local authorities, government agencies, port administration, project staff.
The main purpose of IQLIM is to provide excellent advice and engineering services in the environment issues.
Our experienced consultants provide values, which are important to customers and society, through their knowledge and approach.
Our goals include:
• attracting customers and stakeholders to find the best solutions;
• application of knowledge and experience based on engineering, economics and environmental science globally and locally;
• achievement the benefits and opportunities for our customers, employees and stakeholders.
We aim to be a sustainable organization. Our goal is to create social, ecological and economic values for our customers and businesses.
Our company incorporates all of its capabilities to provide advice to its clients and offer sustainable