About us

“İqlim” Ltd has been operating since 2004. The company provides services in the fields of environmental engineering, research, project development, cleaning, and restoration. Here is a summary of the company’s activities:

►“İqlim” Ltd specializes in multidisciplinary and dynamic research, consulting, and engineering for addressing changes and issues in the environment. Experts and engineers in various fields explore the balance between customer interests and the environment through continuous and high-quality consultations.

► The company’s services encompass various stages, including project definition (supporting consultancy policy, strategic notes), the initial phase of technical-economic substantiation (technical-economic research, on-site investigations, Strategic Environmental Assessment, risk assessment, support for procurement, etc.), project stage (comprehensive engineering, technical specifications, Environmental Impact Assessment, permits, etc.), and oversight and monitoring during project execution.

►As a sustainable organization, our goal is to create social, ecological, and economic values for our customers and business development in the field of services we provide.
The company emphasizes continuous organizational efforts to offer advice to clients and provide sustainable solutions.