Boyukshor Lake rehabilitation project for West Lake, Phase II – 2017-2018

Boyukshor Lake rehabilitation project for West Lake

Boyukshor Lake is since rehabilitation project phase I in 2014 divided in three main parts: North Lake, West Lake and East Lake. The project area is the West lake, which surface is 518 ha (460 ha Lake + 58 ha shores).

The main objective of the project is to rehabilitate the West part of the Boyukshor Lake

The objective of the project is to improve the environmental, ecological and aesthetic condition of the West Lake and its shores in such a way that the Lake will bring environmental benefits for the surrounding area in the future.

To achieve these objectives, especially in the field of engineering and design, it requires a feasibility study.

According to the Basic Design report, the remediation project of West Lake has been divided in different main items:

Preparation works, hotspots, rehabilitation of lands on shores

Partial filling of West Lake (52ha)

Dredging of bottom sediment off shore

Interception system on North shore against pollutions inflows (groundwater bund wall and drainage system)

Rehabilitation of North dam

Quality of West lake water, through water balance, and different polluted inflows coming in Lake: discharge points, groundwater, flow from North Lake,

For each part, a specific field program has been implemented with different drillings and soundings and a program of analyses.

Results have been interpreted with health risk threshold for main uses of Lake.