Integrated Solid Waste Management Project

The service area of this Project is Greater Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and its 11 districts.

The government of Azerbaijan recognizes the need to improve solid waste management in Greater Baku within the framework of the Unified Solid Waste Management (USWM) project. The purpose of the BTVI project is to support reforms in the transformation of solid waste collection and disposal operations into an efficient and sustainable system in the following areas:

(i) improvement of environmental conditions at current waste disposal sites,

(ii) increasing operational, management and communication skills,

(iii) providing an efficient collection service

(iv) data collection and planning for program effectiveness and sustainability.

The total estimated amount of UN generated in the city was 1800 kt for 2010, of which 58.7% (1095 kt) was generated by domestic and non-domestic waste producers. 41.3% of UN (more than 770 kt) was also created as a result of land clearing works carried out in the city. Yard waste makes up about 50% of the waste generated as a result of cleaning the general area in the city.

Non-domestic waste accounts for about 23.26% (about 254.8kt) of waste generated in the city (excluding street cleaning waste).

In order to ensure the sustainable development and use of resources for present and future generations, the overall strategic goal of the project and the goals of the project area are defined in the following sub-chapters;

A. Policy and Legislation

B. Administrative Strengthening and Capacity Building

C. Financial Aspects

D. Information, Communication and Awareness raising

E. Technical Implementation of the Waste Hierarchy