Filizchay Ore Deposit Project of “AzerGold” CJSC, 2019-2023

Filizchay ore deposit is located in the territory of Balakan district Azerbaijan Republic, on the secondary heavily dissected ridge of the southern slope of the Main Caucasus Range, on the right slope of the middle reach basin of Balakanchay. Occupying 240 ha, the project area is located on 1110-2270 m high zone of the middle and high altutude mountains.
The project area is located 435 km northwest of Baku and 15 km north of Balakan. The closest settlements are Solban, Mahamalar, Postbina and Mazimchay villages, as well as Balakan city.
Filizchay is considered as the second largest deposit in Europe and included in top 10 of polymetallic deposits over the world in terms of the volume of reserves. Ore reserves of the deposit which include zinc, lead, silver, copper and gold are estimated as more than 120 mln. tons. The total amount of metals such as copper, zinc and lead constitute 6.0-8.0%, the average intensity of gold and silver constitutes 0.65 gr/ton and 50 gr/ton respectively.
Within the EBS (Environmental and Socioeconomic Baseline Study) framework prepared by IQLIM data analysis, complex field investigations, social surveys and monitoring activities had been implemented to assess baseline environmental and socioeconomic status of Filizchay Ore field.