Lake Boyukshor North Shore and North Interception Lake Restoration Project, 2016-2017

Lake Boyukshor, North Shore and North Catchment Lake Restoration Project 2016-2017
The project area covers the dry area located on the northern shore of Boyukshor Lake and the water area behind the North Dam of the lake.
The project’s purpose is to clean up and rehabilitate the oil-contaminated area of the northern shore of the Boyukshor Lake and the rear part of the northern dam, with a total area of approximately 130 ha. At the same time, improvement of the environment, brightening of the ecological condition, and aesthetic appearance of the Northern shore of the Buyukshor lake is planned.
Under the stated objective, the North İnteception lake should be cleaned and the constructed North dam in phase I of the Boyukshor lake restoration project should be converted into a lake shore in the future. In general, the project area should be such that in the future these lands will be used for the construction of modern urban residential areas. For this purpose, the contaminated layer up to the risk level should be removed or neutralized. A relationship should be fixed between water and land, including nature, life, and functional use. In addition, the northern part of the lake and the northern shore should be given an attractive landscape design appearance. Additional measures are needed to ensure the lake water quality and preserve it for a long time.
To achieve the listed goals, first of all, needs to carry out engineering and design, technical, and economic justification works in the area.