Shusha and Dashalti Water Supply Project, 2021-2023

The city of Shusha has been liberated recently from the Armenian occupation. Now the city is being restored. The city is the historical and cultural centre of Azerbaijan. Currently, the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture (SCUPA) and AzerSu is developing a new Masterplan for the city of Shusha. The plan provides for the complete restoration of all infrastructure, including the restoration and restructuring of the water supply system, sewerage system, wastewater treatment system and stormwater facilities. According to the preliminary results of the Masterplans, in the coming years it is planned to resettle a population of nearly 25,000 in the city.
The township of Dashalti (population 1,100) lies directly south of Shusha and forms part of the water management project. The water management designs for Dashalti will be based on the same principles as those for Shusha.
It is aimed to develop a smart and robust water system for Shusha and Dashalti, comprising water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment and storm water drainage.