3rd Pilot Project Concept – Zayamchay

The priority areas for cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Union have been agreed by the Government of Azerbaijan and the European Commission in the Country Strategy Document for 2007-2013 in accordance with the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument. The mutually agreed EU/Azerbaijan Action Plan shows Azerbaijan’s commitment to implement jointly defined priorities in accordance […]

Integrated Solid Waste Management Project

The service area of this Project is Greater Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and its 11 districts. The government of Azerbaijan recognizes the need to improve solid waste management in Greater Baku within the framework of the Unified Solid Waste Management (USWM) project. The purpose of the BTVI project is to support […]

Lake Boyukshor North Shore and North Interception Lake Restoration Project, 2016-2017

Lake Boyukshor, North Shore and North Catchment Lake Restoration Project 2016-2017The project area covers the dry area located on the northern shore of Boyukshor Lake and the water area behind the North Dam of the lake.The project’s purpose is to clean up and rehabilitate the oil-contaminated area of the northern shore of the Boyukshor Lake […]


Current Screening and Scoping Report aims to provide basis for future ESIA studies for the Project “Construction of the Access Road between Absheron Peninsula and Chilov Island”. The Project will imply the construction of a bridge connecting Chilov island with the Absheron coast, and two asphalted land roads to connect the bridge to an existing […]

Shusha and Dashalti Water Supply Project, 2021-2023

The city of Shusha has been liberated recently from the Armenian occupation. Now the city is being restored. The city is the historical and cultural centre of Azerbaijan. Currently, the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture (SCUPA) and AzerSu is developing a new Masterplan for the city of Shusha. The plan provides for the […]

Filizchay Ore Deposit Project of “AzerGold” CJSC, 2019-2023

Filizchay ore deposit is located in the territory of Balakan district Azerbaijan Republic, on the secondary heavily dissected ridge of the southern slope of the Main Caucasus Range, on the right slope of the middle reach basin of Balakanchay. Occupying 240 ha, the project area is located on 1110-2270 m high zone of the middle […]

Boyukshor Lake rehabilitation project for West Lake, Phase II – 2017-2018

Boyukshor Lake rehabilitation project for West Lake Boyukshor Lake is since rehabilitation project phase I in 2014 divided in three main parts: North Lake, West Lake and East Lake. The project area is the West lake, which surface is 518 ha (460 ha Lake + 58 ha shores). The main objective of the project is […]

Zigh Lake Rehabilitation Project

Zigh Lake is one of the heavily contaminated 9 lakes surrounding Baku. As noted in the state program on the socio-economic development of Baku and its settlements, approved by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Zigh lake rehabilitation project envisages the rehabilitation of nine lakes in the Absheron Peninsula (Khocahasan, Boyukshor, Lake in front of Binagadi […]